Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Replace alternator in 2000 oldsmobile intrigue?

The book tells you to take apart the suspension but who wants to do that .But the easier version and Quick version.
  1. Remove both cross braces (strut tower to the upper radiator core support).
  2. Remove air cleaner box and tube.
  3. Remove the upper engine torque mount bracket and remove it from the radiator core support.
  4. Remove the battery and the battery tray.
  5. Remove the radiator and condenser fan assembly.
  6. Remove the battery wires and clips from the alternator.
  7. Drain the overflow bottle.
  8. Remove the overflow bottle nuts and set it aside / to the back a bit.
  9. Remove the nut holding the fuse junction block and set it to the back a bit.
  10. Use a wire if you need to tie back the overflow and the fuse block out of the way of the belt.
  11. Use a ½ inch drive ratchet on the belt tenchoner and remove the serpentine belt.
  12. Alternator has 3 bolts 2 on the side of it or the front of the motor and one on the front of it / side of the motor.
  13. Remove the idler pulley next to the alternator this is bolt one.
  14. Loosen both side bolts don't remove yet.
  15. Messy part.
  16. Remove the water neck / thermostat housing and lower radiator hose.
  17. Alternator will not come out without taking this off.
  18. Pull it back out of the way.
  19. Finnish taking the front bolts out.
  20. You can now slide the alternator out to the side and up the battery area.
  21. It is tight but will come out.
  22. You should not have to replace the gasket on your thermostat housing.
  23. However be careful putting it back on do it evenly.
  24. 80 inch lbs (6.67ft lbs) to hold it on. It's not that much just good and snug.
If you got that far you should be able to put it all back right.


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