Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Replace an Intake Manifold Gasket?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Drain the cooling system from the radiator.

Remove the air cleaner assembly.

Remove all air cleaner hoses and disconnect them from the carburetor or throttle body.

Disconnect the vacuum lines from the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve and the carburetor.

Remove the fuel lines, electrical leads, and distributor from the intake manifold or carburetor.

Remove the upper radiator hose from the intake manifold.

Disconnect the throttle linkage from the carburetor.

Loosen the nuts from the intake manifold stud bolts and remove the intake manifold with carburetor still mounted.

Once the manifold is removed, inspect the manifold and engine block for cracks near where the gasket was damaged.

Thoroughly clean the gaskets from the engine and manifold.

Lay the new gaskets into place and make sure that they fit properly and do not cover any coolant passages. They should mock up exactly how the old gaskets did.

Lay a ¼ thick bead of RTV Silicone Gasket sealer onto the rear and front lip of the engine block where the manifold sits.

Place a thin layer 1/8 film of RTV sealant around the water passages on the engine block as well.

Once all the gaskets are in place and beads have been laid, carefully set the intake manifold back onto the engine block and begin to torque the bolts in sequence to manufacturer's specifications.

Reconnect all vacuum lines, smog equipment, and hoses to the intake manifold.

Reconnect all the lines to the carburetor as indicated by the numbered tape on the old carburetor.

Refill the radiator with coolant.

Fill overflow reservoir with the same coolant.

Leave the radiator cap off, start the engine and let it idle. You should see the system burping- bubbles of air through the radiator opening. Refill the radiator to the top.

Install the radiator cap.

To verify the repair, start the vehicle and check for leaks, hissing, or a fuel smell. Test drive under varying conditions and speeds.


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