Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Replace an Engine?

Warm the engine. Disable the spark and fuel delivery to the engine.

Remove all of the spark plugs. Connect the compression gauge to the spark plug threads of the first cylinder.

With the compression gauge installed in the cylinder, block the throttle plate open and have an assistant crank the engine through five compression strokes. Record the compression reading.

Repeat the compression test for each cylinder of the engine. All cylinders should be within 5-10 psi of each other.

Locate the cylinder with the low pressure reading. Pour a small amount of oil (a cap full) into the cylinder through the spark plug hole. Allow the oil to sit in the cylinder for a minute or two and retest the cylinder compression.

Reinstall all the spark plugs and wires, enable spark and fuel again and restart the vehicle to make sure it runs as it did before the inspection.

Disconnect the negative then the positive battery cable.

Remove the vehicle hood to provide room for the engine hoist.

Disconnect the lower radiator hose and drain the coolant into a drain pan.

Remove the air cleaner assembly.

Remove the radiator and fan shroud for extra room to pull the engine.

Mark and disconnect all vacuum lines, fuel lines and electrical connectors that run to accessories on the engine from accessories not mounted to the engine (e.g., fuel lines from the tank to the engine, vacuum lines from the manifold to the brake booster).

Disconnect the upper radiator hose from the engine.

Disconnect the exhaust system from the engine.

If the engine is equipped with air conditioning, remove the air compressor from its mount and pull it to the side.

Disconnect the transmission mounting bolts to the engine.

Slide the engine hoist into place over the vehicle's engine compartment.

You will need to find two locations where the engine hoist can be mounted to the engine. A chain should be used to tie the engine to the engine hoist.

Draw a chain through the eye of the engine hoist and attach it to the engine block using bolts and washers. When securing the chain to the engine block, find two bolt locations on opposite ends and sides of the Engine. A good place to mount the chain is in the exhaust manifold bolt holes.

Connect the chain from the engine hoist to the front right of the engine block and secure it to the block using an exhaust manifold bolt and washers so that the chain does not slip over the bolt head when raised.

Now secure the opposite end of the chain to the rear left of the engine block and secure using the exhaust manifold bolt and washers.

Slowly raise the arm of the engine hoist to remove slack on the chain and extend the chain to its lifted position.

With the engine hoist secured to the engine block and ready for removal, disconnect the engine mounts.

With an assistant guiding the engine, slowly raise the engine hoist to lift the engine up and out of the engine compartment.

Pull the engine completely out from the engine compartment.

Have the engine taken to a certified repair shop for internal component repair and further inspection. Reinstall in reverse procedure.


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