Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Replace an Oil Pan Gasket?

Open the hood and locate the vehicle's oil dip stick.

Remove the oil dip stick.

Run the engine for a minute.

Position vehicle safely on ramps or jack stands (level surface with rear wheels chalked).

Remove the oil fill cap on the engine.

Remove the oil drain plug located below the engine.

Completely drain the dirty oil into the drain pan.

Remove the oil pan to gain access to the oil pan gasket.
Remove the oil pan gasket using a gasket scraper tool.

Clean the engine block mounting surface with a rag and scraper tool.

Place the new oil pan gasket over the pan.

Re-install the oil pan back onto the engine block.

Add engine oil to manufacturer's capacity specification.

Install engine oil cap and start the engine.

Check the oil after running the engine ensuring that the level is correct and no leaks are present.


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