Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Replace an Engine Mount?

Park the vehicle on a level surface and set the parking brake. Open the hood and locate the engine mounts.
Have an assistant start the vehicle and press the brake pedal with his left foot. Tell the assistant to shift the transmission into gear and lightly press on the gas pedal.

Look for excessive movement in the engine mounts and listen for a knocking noise when the gas pedal is released. Engine mounts are designed to absorb vibration during normal engine operation. Worn engine mounts will allow the engine to shift excessively creating vibration and noise.

Turn off the engine and disconnect the negative battery cable. Gain full access to the engine mount.

Support the engine oil pan using a jack and a block of wood. Remove the bolt that holds the engine mount to the frame. Lift the engine and mount off of the frame using the jack.

Once raised, remove the bolt that holds the mount to the engine. Remove the engine mount.

Attach the new engine mount to the engine with the original bolt. Lower the engine.

Attach the engine mount to the frame. Tighten all mounting bolts to the manufacturer's specifications.

Reconnect any components that may have been removed. Test-drive the vehicle to verify the repair.


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