Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Power Antenna Motor will Not Stop?

Installing Antenna Mast Assembly.

Many a times this happens.The Antenna mast assembly is installed correctly but motor still not performing as it should.When motor is tested the motor voltage is checked ok.
The car owner gets confused at this time.
Because Antenna mast assembly is new and installed correctly and in the same way motor is running and testing fine.

So in this types of cases read further details ..........

While performing this procedure.

Get the antenna mast assembly locked down with the retainer nut .
Once the antenna reaches the top most travel the relay is designed to shut motor off.
If  the antenna mast is installed correctly and it hits the top and the motor continues to run and the mast stops then something is wrong with the antenna drive motor relay assembly. If you did not install the retainer nut the antenna mast will just get pushed right back out.

BUT,  If the motor continues to grind away on the cable this means the nylon drive gear that pushes the cable off is worn out/old and is not strong enough to shut the relay off once the travel is completed.

So in such cases the relay and Gear both needs to be inspected.Which ever is faulty has to be replaced.

Hope this details Help you.


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