Saturday, May 21, 2011

After formating the audio card will not work on my pc?

You need to load the drivers for your audio card to work. Normally, you would receive a disc when you purchase the computer or motherboard that has all the drivers on it which allows Windows to communicate with your motherboard/sound card. If you do not have this disc.then down load it from online sites.
you might have to reinstall the sound card and its drivers
if your computer came with a motherboard disc the sound drivers could be on it
click start control panel administrive tools computer management device manager sound video and game controllers could be a yellow question mark? right click to re-install drivers
cnetdowload.com if these drivers are not suitable on the home page you should see the download software finder under that there will be a list platform, category sub category price from the category drop down list select drivers then from the price drop down list select free or which ever applies to your need



SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Driver

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