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How to troubleshoot Paslode Cordless Nailer?

Hammering nails can be tiresome, but a nail gun can make the process run smoothly and quickly. Paslode is one of the leading manufacturers of nail guns and a reliable purchase for anyone. Like any machine, though, these guns are not perfect, and a malfunctioning nail gun could make you want to go back to the good old-fashioned hammer. But just a few troubleshooting tips might have you getting rid of that hammer permanently.

Paslode cordless nailers
are a very common tool used by many professionals and do it yourselfers. These nail guns are a great tool when they work correctly, but can drive you nuts when they do not work as they should.

If you are having problems with your Paslode nail gun the first thing you need to do is get the Paslode manual out of the box and checkout how to clean the nail gun. One of the most common causes for these nail guns to have problems is because of a lack of maintenance. If you do not have themanual for your Paslode nailer you can download one here. www.paslode.com/owners-manuals.html

They have all of the current models and also discontinued model Paslode manuals there.

The manual will also contain troubleshooting information also. The troubleshooting guide can often help you to find the problem with your tool. Do not do the common man thing and be too proud to get out the directions and READ them. There are many tips and helps contained in them that will save you a ton of aggravation later.

Now, there are a few things with this nail gun that are not in the manual.

First, When the manual tells you that the tool needs to be cleaned and lubed regularly it means that you NEED to do that. Most problems are because of a lack of cleaning and lubing the tool.

Besides that, gas cylinders are a problem sometimes even if they are new. If you just replaced the gas cylinder and the nail gun will not work, try another one. Also, sometimes the end that goes on the gas cylinders will not snap on correctly or completely. You sometimes can still get the cylinder into the gun but it will not work because the top is not attached completely or correctly.

Check that the nails do not get jammed in the magazine and then not push up to the front of the gun. No nails, no work. Paper from the nails can sometimes cause them to bind up and not slide front. Make sure to always use nails that are only for the Paslode nail gun.

The firing pin can also be a problem. The firing pin will bend sometimes, but usually because of lack of the right nails or maintenance. Another problem that can happen is that the o-rings around the firing pin will break or crack. When this happens the gun may not fire or the pin will not return after it shoots a nail. If you are having these problems then check the o-rings both top and mid-pin to make sure they are in good shape. If they are chipped or cracked in anyway the gun will not work correctly.

The battery contacts on these nailers are also a problem. They can get dirt and dust in them or become bent. If they fail to make good contact they can cause the gun to have all types of problems. If you are having unexplained problems then check the contacts of both the battery and the gun. You can clean them with a soft cloth or sometimes with a pencil eraser.

The last but least likely problem is the internal wiring in the nail gun. Because of the violent nature of the gun firing the wiring takes a beating inside the nail gun. Every time the gun fires the vibration can cause the wires to move just a bit and eventually a wire can work loose. If all other things check out then look for wires that do not go anywhere. If there is a wire floating around that has no home then you have found your problem. After adjusting the end of the wire so it is tighter, reconnect the wire and you will be working again.

As you can see there are many things that can go wrong with these nail guns. Because of this there also are many things that you can find online that will help you. E-how.com has some tips that will help. You-tube also has some videos that will show you how to clean and troubleshoot these nail guns. Doing a simple online search will give you many places that can help you and also give you sites from which to buy parts if needed.

You can get parts for your nail gun from the link below, click the link:--


For more details, click the link below:---


Contact Paslode

  • If none of the above tips help, it's time to contact Paslode directly. You can call Paslode at 800-222-6990 or go to paslode.custhelp.com. Make sure you have the model number of your particular nail gun handy when you call.

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