Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to Replace a Brake Booster?

With the engine off, step on the brake pedal several times to relieve the brake booster of vacuum.Press the brake pedal down and start the engine. Verify that the brake pedal sinks slightly. Turn off engine.Remove the vacuum hose from the brake booster.Remove the brake lines from the master cylinder. Remove the master cylinder from the brake booster. Plug the fittings to prevent brake fluid seepage.Disconnect the brake pedal from the push rod.Have an assistant hold the brake booster from inside the engine compartment. Remove the nuts that hold the brake booster to the firewall. These nuts are usually located under the dash on the interior of the firewall.Remove the brake booster.Install the new brake booster to the firewall. Tighten the mounting nuts.Connect the push rod to the brake pedal.Connect the vacuum hose to the brake booster.Attach the master cylinder to the new brake booster and reconnect the brake lines.Bleed the brakes at the master cylinder.

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