Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red flashing light on Kyocera FS-920 Laser Printer?

There are 2 possibility to cause your printer acting like this:
1) Green Off, Red Fast-Flashing = Paper Jam or waiting for jam reset.
2) Green Off, Red Slow-Flashing = Paper Empty or Paper tray is not inserted.

If it is condition 1) then just remove the jam paper then open and close the Top Cover to clear the error.
If it is condition 2) then insert some paper in the paper tray.

But if still red light is flashing, then its paper sensor error.The paper sensor which detects the paper is got moved from its position or its got cracked broken.Remove the toner cartridge out and blow compressed air in the printer and also remove the paper tray out and refit it. This will help.

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