Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to connect Seagate Cheetah 15K5 Ultra320 SCSI 146GB Internal Hard Drive as a slave?

During the boot process you will see on the screen to press a certain key to enter setup
Press and hold that key during the boot up process to enter BIOS the scroll down to advanced bios features press enter change your first boot device to IDE-1 means Pri slave escape then press f10 to save to cmos to restart
you will have to have master with slave set up
you can find the jumper location next to the power on a hard drive and the settings for plastic jumper location is usually printed on the top of a hard drive
IDE-0 means Pri master ?
IDE-1 means Pri slave ?
IDE-2 means Sec master ?
IDE-3 means Sec slave ?
single or master ::::: master with slave ::|:: ??????slave? :::|: note the plastic jumper is | located at the rear of the hard drive next to the IDE/SATA lead/s

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