Friday, May 27, 2011

Car battery replacing?

  • MAKE SURE THE BATTERY NEEDS A CHANGE:--You don't want to jump the gun on pronouncing your old battery a goner without doing some checking first. If your battery has cracks in it, you need look no further. Order up a new battery. If not, take a look in the battery terminals before making a decision. The battery terminals are the positive and negative knobs that attach wires to the alternator. Sometimes, sulfate buildup, which corrodes the terminals, is the problem. Tap the terminals gently with a hammer to see if you can break away the corrosion. If this doesn't work, try putting a mix of baking soda and water on a brush and wiping the corrosion away. You may also need to remove the terminals and clean the contact area with the battery post. Your battery may be fine after that!
  • REMOVE THE OLD BATTERY:-Once you've determined that you do indeed need a new battery, get ready to remove that old one. With the car off, scrub the top of the old battery with the mixture of baking soda/water that we discussed before. With your wrench, carefully unfasten the battery bolt that holds the negative clamp, sliding the cable clamp off the terminal. Then do the same thing for the positive cable clamp. Be careful not to touch the wrench to your car or any other metal surfaces to prevent causing a short circuit and sparking. At this point, get a firm grasp on the battery and remove it from your car. After the battery is out, spend a little time cleaning out the terminal clamps and battery tray with the Expert's baking soda/water solution. If the tray and clamps aren't getting clean, you may want to have them replaced.
  • PUT IN THE NEW BATTERY:--Carefully position your new battery in the battery tray. Make sure that the positive and negative terminals are on the proper sides, then screw on the bracket so that the battery is held in place. Put the positive cable clamp over the positive terminal and connect the negative cable in the same way. Again, be careful not to touch your wrench to the car or any other metal surfaces. Then close the hood and start your car! Note: after replacing the battery, you may find that you need to adjust the clock, radio stations, etc.
  • RECYCLE YOUR OLD BATTERY:--The importance of this step can't be emphasized enough! Your dead battery is highly toxic and must be disposed of properly. You can take it to a service garage or an auto supply store, but the Expert recommends taking it to a recycling center where they will make certain that the material can be used again.


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