Monday, June 20, 2011

Digital Camera Memory Cards info?

There are a few things that people should know about memory cards.
The first is that you should never fill your memory card to as full as you can get it then go to your computer and download it. You should only store about 200 to 400 images per card no matter what the size of the card is.
The second thing is to never format your camera's memory card using your computer, this damages the card and you will have a shorter life span of the card.
It is also recommended that you format the memory card after you are done taking the pictures and download them immediately onto your computer. This keeps your memory card working in tip top shape and will give you longer life out of the card.

Remember that all cards will go bad after awhile, as a professional photographer, I have gone through hundreds of cards, and will go through 100s more before i retire.

Last but to not, buying a 8gb or 16gb card for your camera is really inefficient and you are spending way more money then you need to on a card. Most cameras unless you are using a professional camera that is worth 4000 or more are really the only ones capable of using those cards to there full extent.

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