Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to replace Interior Lights on car?

You suspect the bulb is burned out, but how do you get at it?

First, make sure you buy the right bulbs for your socket. Using the wrong bulb can damage your wiring. Take the old bulb out and make sure it looks like the right one (fits and has contacts that align with the contacts in the socket). You can always have the parts store look up your car and tell you which bulbs to buy.

Interior Lights:
An interior light with a cover on it can usually be accessed with a small screwdriver. The cover is either held in by screws or small tabs. In the latter case, use a very small flat blade screwdriver to push the small tabs one at a time while pulling to release the cover. Be careful not to break the plastic, which may be brittle from the heat of the bulb.
The bulbs come out of the socket either with a twist or by pulling straight out.


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