Monday, June 20, 2011


Most of the present electronic devices remote controls are of infrared light emitting diode types. There are ultrasound emitting types are also there, but are rarely used now. With older TVs will have these types of remote controls are with it. The difference between these are; the infrared remote controls should be used within the visinity of the receiver to which is used, and the ultrasound can be used without in visinity of these devices. It can even controlled from an other room of your home. They are mainly used with some audio equipements like BOSE audio systems even now. Let me here describe some of the most common faults that can be orrured with infrared type remote controls.
Take the case of one amoung them from dead condition. You must first of all check its cells for voltage. It is best to work with new cells in its battery comapartment. Check the battery contacts at its battery compartment first, for any accumulation of dust or rust. Rust may occur due to prolonged use of leakey batteries in it. If noted, clean it with a pice of smooth type sandpaper, and check it with after. If it does'n help you go further. Check its infrared emission. You can do it very easly, by using a cellphone with camera option, after making the cellphone to camera mode. Place the remote controls' front end towards the lens of the cellphone camera, switch it on, and press each button on the remote handset. If there is any infrared emission, your cellphones' screen can indicate you by showing its images. It may be interrupted, although if it is there, the infrared LED and other circuits in your remote control is working well and the infrared sensor inside your TV which senses these signals may be faulty, and should be replaced. If you even not see any of these images said above, you have to open your remote control.
Just do it with patience and care, not to break its plastic case while working. These will have slip fit type fixations at its side and should be located carefully. Use the blade of a small screwdriver to push these locks inwards ; by placing it in between the slits of these cabin joints. Do this work with care, and self, alone, without taking advice from any other, because so many will have so many ideas and finally all of them together with may spoil it.
Just lcoate the slip fit locks one by one, and release it with gentle press inward and open it. On opening, the device will split into four parts. upper and lower cabin pieces, a printed circuit board with four or more components direltly soldered to it, and one touch pad. Clean the surfce of the printed circuit board with a piece of smooth cloath, dipped in either rectified spirit or medical quality turpentine. Never use any hard solvets like petrol or thinner. Check it for any loose solderings at terminals of the components sodlered to it. If it found loose, resolder it by applying a little more solder. It is best to replace the crystal oscilltor and infrared LED. Close it and check. if this does not help you, it is best to buy a new one of same type and number.

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