Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to replace power window motor in car?

This job can be done by a good backyard mechanic, but a novice may have difficulty. If you get started and then get stuck, you're going to have your door apart for a while...
OK, so you've decided you are up for the challenge. Please make sure the problem isn't a fuse or relay that is more accessible before getting into the door. Let's go over a bit of the theory of operation to help you with that and troubleshooting the actual window motor and circuitry. The window motor itself is usually quite simple--it is getting to it that presents issues.
The motor is a simple DC armature with commutator and stator winding. It turns one direction for a given polarity and reverses with the opposite polarity. For this reason, the motor is isolated from ground, and the window switch has to be at least a double-pull-double-throw (DPDT) switch. Usually, the switch will pull up out of the door panel or is mounted on a smaller control panel that you can unscrew or pull up. In these cases, you can do a little troubleshooting without removing the door panel. If you have windows that will automatically go all the way down with one push, there is also a relay in the door, and the circuitry is much more complicated. That said, you can at least troubleshoot your switch without getting into the door; but, unless you're really good with electronics, you will need a diagram for the switch terminals and circuitry.

Troubleshoot the switch: You will need the switch and wiring diagram for this. With the switch pulled up out of it's hole, wrap something around the wires to keep the connector from falling into the door and release the connector. If your motor was not working from the switch, try applying power directly from the battery to the connector to operate the motor. Be careful to get the right terminals, or you could fry the wiring in the door. If the motor will work with direct power, the problem is in the wiring or switch. Troubleshoot the switch with an ohmmeter. Also use a test light on the connector to check for power to the connector (with the key turned on). If there is no power to the connector, recheck the fuses and accessory or window relay.Click this link below to troubleshoot relay problems:---
OK, so you've decided you have to get into the door. Here we go...
If you haven't removed the door panel yet, then click the link below for door panel removing procedure:---
If you're just trying to fix the relay in the door that makes the window go down on a single push, locate that relay and replace it.
If you're changing out the motor, read on.
Before removing the motor, see if you can isolate the 2 motor wires and jump power directly to the motor to see if it works. If the motor works with direct power, your probem is in the switch or wiring.
If the motor does not work, first disconnect the connector on the motor. Next, remove the mounting bolts or screws. The motor may be mounted with rivets. If so, carefully drill out the rivets and replace them with short bolts. Remove and replace the motor, making sure the gear engages the window mechanism and reattach the motor connector. Test the system by hooking up the switch while the door panel is off.
If everything works, replace the moisture barrier and door panel.

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