Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to replace Parking, turn, and Brake Lights on car?

You suspect the bulb is burned out, but how do you get at it?

First, make sure you buy the right bulbs for your socket. Using the wrong bulb can damage your wiring. Take the old bulb out and make sure it looks like the right one (fits and has contacts that align with the contacts in the socket). You can always have the parts store look up your car and tell you which bulbs to buy.

2. Parking, turn, and Brake Lights:
Sockets for these lights usually come out with a simple twist--the trouble usually somes in getting to the socket. The front lights may be accessed from the engine compartment. If not, try reaching them from under the car. You may need to remove a splash panel or a wheel well shield to get at them. Once you have the socket/bulb out of the lens, the bulb comes out of the socket either with a twist or by pulling straight out.
The rear lights are usually accessible from the inside. If not, such as in the case of a pick-up truck, they will have screws on the outside of the lens so you can remove the whole lens. Otherwise, from the inside, pull back or remove whatever is covering the sockets. In some cases, there are just butterfly nuts or screws holding the lens with no way to access the bulb from inside. In these cases, you have to remove the lens to get at the socket. Once you have the socket/bulb out of the lens, the bulb comes out of the socket either with a twist or by pulling straight out.
If the car has separate backup lenses or fog lights, they may be mounted in the bumper, and some are sealed beams; but there are too many variations to cover here.
The license plate light is usually held in by screws or tabs on the cover similar to courtesy lamps.


Car lights not working, even after replacing the bulb/lamp?

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