Friday, June 24, 2011

How to download YouTube videos ?

Have you ever been browsing YouTube and find a really good or funny video that you wish you could download so that you can show your friends when you are offline or away from the internet.

Well you can!!! With a really good program on the net called YouTube Video Downloader. With this program you can instantly download any video you are watching on YouTube by inserting the link nto the program.

Here on the instructions you need to download a video from YouTube.

Step 1: Go to CNet downloads.
Step 2: Download the YouTube Downloader v2.7 and save it to your Desktop. If it doesn't download immediately then check for your browser's security bar at the top of the page. Right click
Step 3: Once it has finished downloading double click on it and install it.
Step 4: You may want to create a folder on your desktop called "YouTube downloads" so that you can organise your downloads if you want.
Step 5: Once it is installed open it and keep it open. Go to the YouTube video you want on YouTube and copy the URL and paste it in the program where it says Download from URL.
Step 7: Sometimes it pastes the url there for you.
Step 8: Then you need to select the quality that you want the video in.

Just remember the higher the quality the larger the video file and the longer it will take to download.

If you download the file as standard quality then it will be a .flv file, if you can't watch the downloaded video with your video player then I suggest you see my tip on getting VLC player as it can play any video file.

YouTube Video Downloader can also convert the videos you have downloaded especially if they're in the .flv format.

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