Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Download Intel Motherboard drivers?

Before you proceed to the Intel download center you will need the model number of your motherboard.

Click here to go to the official Intel Driver Download Center.

1) Firstly type in the model number of your Intel motherboard into the box under the Search downloadsheading.

2) Then click Search downloads.

3) Once this is done the following screen will be displayed showing all available drivers for the motherboard.

You can select the Operating System that you are currently running to narrow the search down to only the drivers you need. Then you can select what kind of drivers you want the search to display, whether it be all Drivers, Bios drivers, Software Applications, Documentation or Utilities, Tools and Examples.

The compatible drivers are then displayed below the ... results matching heading.
You can also change the language of the search by selecting your preferred language from the drop down box as shown below circled in red. You can select between motherboards that are recent or older boards that have been discontinued by checking the Discontinued Products option circled in blue in the picture below.

Then you will just need to select which driver you want and then it will take you to the download page for that file. Download it and install. Lastly you will need to restart your system.

NOTE: The Intel download support center is only for motherboards that are manufactured by intel. If you have a motherboard that is made by Gigabyte for example then the drivers for it won't be on the Intel download center.

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