Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Replace Heater Core On Ford Ranger?

The Heater Core replacing details are as Follows:---

Heater Core Removal & Installation Procedure for Ford Ranger is mentioned below:----

If a heater core leak is suspected, the heater core must be leak tested before it is removed from the vehicle.

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  2. Drain the cooling system.
  3. Recover the refrigerant.
  4. Remove the evaporator core housing. Refer to Evaporator Core Housing Removal & Installation in this section.
  5. Remove the instrument panel. Refer to Instrument Panel Removal & Installation in the Body section
  6. Remove the PCM.
  7. Remove the PCM heat sink.
  8. Remove the ground strap screw. 

    Fig. Remove the PCM heat sink (2) and ground strap screw (1)
  9. Remove the 4 nuts from the engine side of the dash panel. Position the plenum chamber on the vehicle floor. 

    Fig. Remove the 4 nuts from the engine side of the dash panel
  10. Remove the screws and the heater core cover. 

    Fig. Remove the screws (1) and the heater core cover (2)
  11. Remove the heater core. 

    Fig. Remove the heater core
  12. To install, reverse the removal procedure and note the following:

    During installation, be sure to install a new oval foam seal around the heater core inlet and outlet tubes.
    Tighten the 4 nuts to the engine side of the dash panel to 35 inch lbs. (4 Nm).
    Evacuate, leak test and charge the refrigerant system.
    R-134a Refrigerant Fill Capacity: 2.07 lbs.
These details will help.


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