Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2008 Scion XB 2.4l engine is consuming lots of oil?

The customer cam with the complaint,that his scion 2008 model,which is driven only 40000 miles is consuming lots of oil.Abd this problem was not before.The local mechanic which he too the car for inspection,told that his engine needs to be rebuild and the pistons and rings needs to be replaced.

On this basis the troubleshooting is as follows:----

This 2.4 L engine has issues with the piston ring lands and Pistons. Toyota is aware of the problem and is potentially going to issue a recall. With only 40,000 miles on this vehicle you still would be covered under the powertrain warranty for five years and 60,000 miles depending on your delivery date. I suggest you to  contact your local Toyota/scion dealer and demand that they fix this under warranty. I see no reason why they would not cover this under the powertrain warranty. There are new Pistons that have to be installed with new piston rings. Do not run this out of oil and destroy the engine. You can continue to drive this vehicle just make sure you keep the engine oil topped off. Eventually this will damaged the catalytic converter. That is about the only concern short of running it out of oil. You also burnout the spark plugs much faster using this amount of oil.
If you keep the engine oil topped off you may get longer than that but the more it burns more clogs up the piston rings. If you have an extended warranty they will pay to replace the engine and or just the pistons and rings.I recommend you to get this issue resolved under warranty.

BUT If you are not having the warranty left then you repair cost will be approx $2000 minimum. Make sure that you have this done at the dealership only. They will be the only ones that have the updated pistons and rings. The cylinder block/cylinder walls are scored or worn too much then you will need to have the short block replaced.

This will help.

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