Monday, February 20, 2012

Delay starting on Toyota Prius?

Very rare issue.
One of our customer noticed this problem.It is 2008 model Toyota Prius car.
He noticed the problem of late start on his Toyota.It can be said as ......

Delay before turning over or engine turn over delay or Delay of engine turnover or delayed start when turning key.

In his problem,
The key is placed in the ignition and the power turned on but there is about a 30-second delay in the engine turning over.

On this basis the troubleshooting details for this delay start is as follows :----

2008 Toyota Prius does not have a conventional starter. When you place the key in the key slot and put your foot on the brake pedal and depress the start button does the ready light come on in the instrument panel? 

If the ready light comes ON, this means the start command is getting accepted,.
Then the car should start normally,but if still with ready light ON,the car is not starting right on.
This is not uncommon for the engine to not start for some extended periods of time. 
As per the Toyota new system procedure ....The computer ECM for the engine control system and the hybrid control system both works together to determine whether not the engine needs to be brought online to either charge the hybrid battery or provide assistance in driving the vehicle. 
If there is any malfunction in the system you would have codes set in the engine control computer and the hybrid control computer. 

If you think there may be a codes set in the engine control computer most auto-parts stores in most states do free engine code reads. They will not be able to access the hybrid control computer but at least they can check to see if there is any malfunction codes set in the engine control computer. If you can get any code numbers,then with that error code you can continue further troubleshooting. 

But if on your Toyota prior car dash system,the check engine light warning is not coming ON and no codes are retrieved then in that case try this test procedure for confirming other possibilities of this rare problem .....

As a test ready on the vehicle and when the ready light comes on depress the accelerator all away to the floor hold it for about 2 seconds does the engine instantly fire up and come online? If not then test the car battery.Exact 12 volt should be there.If the 12 V battery is borderline bad. If this is the original battery probably is no good. You should probably have the 12 V battery checked and/or replaced. This will cause all kinds of weird problems.Now replace the battery or get it recharge and then see if that is helping.If not then this problem is related to computer issue.

But if after getting the battery recharged,the car starts up fine then issue is battery.You can use the same recharged battery,but if same problem is noticed again in few days or weeks,that its battery issue.The battery needs to be replaced.
Most dealerships will do a free battery test. They also can run a quick scan test of the hybrid control system and engine control systems. 

This details will help.
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