Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4WD light is flashing and beeping? NO 4WD high?

This problem is noticed on 2009 Toyota Tacoma.In this case the car will not go in 4WD high mode.
Also 4WD light is flashing and beeping on dash.

The most common problem or failure is usually related to the transfer case electrical actuator. The electric drive motor in the actuator gets stuck or bound up. This normally happens due to infrequency of use. If you have been using it regular it may have just failed. The tires need to be the same front to rear as far as wear goes. If this is a stick shift make sure the clutch pedal is touching the floor and there are no mats under it. The 4WD ecu has to see a clutch switch input. In order to replace this actuator the transfer case has to be removed from the transmission and disassembled. You cannot just unbolt and slide the arms or shift rails out of the transfer case. The transfer actuator assembly is about $1300 plus about six hours labor. In some rare cases I've been able to have someone push the actuator button while tapping on the actuator case with rubber mallet to try and launch the system or break it loose to allow it to shift into four-wheel-drive.

This details will help.

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