Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Check power steering message on Toyota?

In this particular case,the customer got Check power steering message on dash and power steering is not working.

He already checked inspected the fuse controlling power steering,but all is checked OK.

On this basis the troubleshooting details for this problem is as follows :-----

The only time this warning light comes on is if there's a malfunction in the electronic power steering system. This can be anything from a bad torque sensor in the power steering rack to something in the wiring or the electric drive motor itself.
The first thing in this problem is get the ECM scanned.This will give you error codes.As per error code,the faulty part will be indicated,so problem can be troubleshoot as per that.

Without the code numbers it is difficult to say for certain as what exactly is causing the fault.But till the error codes are getting scanned,the only thing you can try and do is remove the negative battery cable to erase the memory in the system and drive the vehicle again to see if the power steering light stays out. If it does not you need to have a diagnostic test run on the system to confirm which malfunction codes are set causing the light come on.

This details will help you.


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