Monday, February 27, 2012

Can i drive the car without ABS fuse connected?

This information is asked for ford Expedition vehicle.

The ABS assembly motor is making noise.
Due to this fuse number 102 is removed from the battery junction fuse box located under hood.

Now the vibrating noise is stopped.

But is it safe to drive that way?

This is what customer wants to know ...........

You can drive it forever this way. The only thing you have disabled is the ABS. So from now on till repaired if you do a panic stop the tires will actually skid rather than Anti Lock. This fuse will not affect the normal brakeing system.

If the noise stopped then it is the ABS and no it will not cause any base brake issues driving it this way. You need to tell the mechanic or dealer that  your ford has faulty ABS ECU.

This will help them to repair the issue.If you need ABS system working again.

This details will help.

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