Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valve Adjustment For Toyota?

This detail is for 1989 toyota truck 22re.

The procedure is as follows :----

Removing the valve cover is pretty straightforward. The only thing that is a catch would be the rubber washers that gets squashed underneath of the castle nuts. 

For this problem i suggest to .... Use a pair of pliers and a screwdriver to pop these up and off of the four studs. 

Once this is done ....Rotate the crankshaft around until it is at 0° TDC. At this point you will find 4 of the rocker arms loose. As I recall it is every other intake valve and two exhaust valves next to each other or vice versa. The intake valves are set at .008 and the exhaust valves are set at .012. I normally set these at .007 and .011 respectively. These were always notorious to clatter. I normally like to set these at moderate engine temperature. In other words not stone cold and not 190°. 

Please Make sure while doing this task that  the rocker arms are centered over the valves and are not misaligned. I  have noticed that on some of these older 22RE engines would wear the rocker arms and it would cause the valve to not be centered with the pin on the rocker arm that pushes it down to open. 

Back to the valve adjustment. Once you have these for valves adjusted market with the paint.so you don't confuse them. Then turn the crankshaft 360° until the paint Mark on the timing lines up at TDC 0° again. This will turn the camshaft 180°. This will allow the other valves to be loose. Adjust these valves accordingly. 

For this task it takes a box end wrench to crack the lock nut loose then simply adjust the adjusting screw up or down as you move your feeler gauge between the valve stem and the valve rocker adjuster. Making the adjustment is where finesse and seal come into play. You want the adjuster to be just snug enough on the feeler gauge so that it slides in and out with just slight resistance. You should not have to force the feeler gauge in and out. Once you get the adjustment lock the nut down and you're good to go. If you need any further clarification feel free to reply and I will get back to you. When installing the new valve cover gasket apply little silicone sealer at the half Moon rubber washer plugs in the front and back of the cylinder head. Make Sure you do not accidentally knock the half-moon rubber washer out of the back side of the cylinder head.

This detailed procedure will help.

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