Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toyota Camry Check engine light flashes while driving?

In this case,the check engine light was steady ON dash.The car was running fine but slow,not fast then 60KM per hour.When the customer was trying to accelerate the car for high speed the check engine light starts flashing.And Toyota starts jerking back-forth.But if its below 60KM per hour then it will drive fine with steady check engine light ON dash.

On this basis the troubleshooting is as follows :----
When the check engine light illuminates there is a malfunction in one of the engine control systems. When it's starts to flash most of the time this means there is cylinder misfire. Cylinder misfire can cause catalytic converter damage if driven for long periods of time like this. If this is a V-6 more than likely you're going to find that possibly one or more ignition coils has failed. If you can get a scan tool/code reader and find out what the code numbers are that can help narrow down what the potential problems are.Because the diagnostic code will point out what part is faulty.So as per that you can start troubleshooting.

This will help.

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