Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maint REQD message on 2008 Lexus RX350?

The customer was driving and suddenly a message came indication on dash.The message read as follows.

"Maint REQD".

On this basis the troubleshooting is as follows :----

This is a warning light that comes on every 5000 miles and needs to be reset. It is a reminder to change your oil. Whoever changed oil the last time should have reset it. If you're due for an oil change they can reset the light once you have your oil changed. There are couple of different procedures to do this. 

On Toyota and Lexus they all involve the trip meter. Set the trip meter to trip A then turn the key to the accessory or off position press and hold the same button while turning the key on and monitor the odometer it should count down a series of dashes then go to all zeros and reset. Depending on your monitor display sometimes this countdown occurs in the monitor display. If the trip A does not work then set it to the odometer setting and do the same procedure again.That will work.
Its just the service indication.

This will help.

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