Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Engine overheated then car will not start?

In this problem,the customer was driving his car,and he noticed smoke coming out from under the hod,he refilled the water container and after that car will not start.

He noticed check engine light ON dash and engine cranks excessively fast when trying to start.

On basis of this details the troubleshooting is as follows :-----

It sounds like the timing belt has jump time or the belt is broken. When the engine cranks over abnormally fast compared to what it used to crank over this means the compression is lost. This happens because the camshaft is out of time with the crankshaft. To confirm this problem run a compression test.
Other option is to remove the upper timing cover and check the camshaft timing marks with the crankshaft at TDC number one cylinder.

Also its said that steady check engine light is ON.This clears that there are error codes stored in cars computer called as ECM.Ideally we need to know whether not there any malfunction codes set in the engine control computer. You can rent a scan tool or even purchase one for less than $60 these days at most parts stores. If you're planning on working on any of your cars in the future it's not a bad idea to have one of these handy. Most generic code reader's will give you the basic information about code numbers. Once you confirm whether not the timing belt is the problem or not then you can continue with potentially checking for coolant leaks. It's possible that it is leaking from the left front the upper radiator tank may be bad or leaking on the radiator. That is about the only thing other the radiator hose itself on that side of the engine.

Getting this possibilities checked and inspected will help you to go the exact way to clear this issue.


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