Saturday, March 3, 2012

Erratic Idle?

Erratic idle noticed when engine idling.

Many clients come to our garage with problem of Erratic Idle:

This Erratic idle possibles are similar for car models listed below :-----
honda erratic idle

accord erratic idle
civic erratic idle
mustang erratic idle
bmw erratic idle
mercedes erratic idle
escort erratic idle

And many other car models too.

The possibilities to inspect ion this case is as follows :----

1 Inspect M.A.P. Sensor.
A Faulty M.A.P. Sensor can cause idle issues.

2 Inspect EGR Valve.
 Improperly Functioning or Faulty EGR Valve can cause erratic idle.

3 Inspect Fuel Injector .
Dirty or Worn Fuel Injectors can cause idle problems.

4 Inspect Idle Air Control Valve.
 Damaged, Loose, or Faulty Idle Air Control Valve can cause idle issues.

5 Inspect Idle Speed Actuator.
 Damaged, Loose, or Faulty Idle Speed Actuator has to be checked.

6 Inspect Throttle Position Sensor.
 Faulty or Incorrectly Connected Throttle Position Sensor is one possibility for erratic idle.

7 Inspect Fuel Filter.
A Clogged or Dirty Fuel Filter causes erratic idle.

8 Inspect PCV Valve.
If PVC valve is  Plugged or Damaged erratic idle will be noticed.

9 Inspect Carburetor on vehicle model with carb.
A Worn, Faulty or Damaged Carburetor can also cause erratic idle.

10 Inspect Valve.
A  Burned, Worn, or Sticking Exhaust Valves are causes of major erratic idle.

12 Inspect Timing Set.
 Slipped Timing Chain or Worn TimingGear(s) are issues of Erratic idle.

13 Inspect Fuel Pump.
A  Faulty Fuel Pump can cause erratic idle.

14 Inspect Camshaft.
Erratic idle due to  Camshaft Lobes Worn.

15 Inspect Ignition Point Set.
If  Burned, Worn or Incorrectly Set Ignition Points.The idle problems will be noticed.

This details will help.

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