Sunday, January 1, 2012

ABS motor keeps running?

This problem is noticed on 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche.

The ABS motor keeps running and will not stop, until you disconnect the car battery,but if you let the ABS motor run,then battery drains.

The motor running all the time is due to a sticking relay in the module.On Chevrolet Avalanche the module is located at the black cover on the top of the abs valve assembly under the vehicle inside the frame rail.

There are two options to repair. First is replacement but that is simply too expensive.
Second is repair. The relay is mounted solid inside the module and soldered to the board. There are many places that replace the relay is you send the module to them. It is held on with 4 tamper proof torx screws. You can drive without it for a time. This website below 

Deals with the module repairs.But if module is irreparable, then module has to be replaced.

Since the module sits on top but does not have brake connection going through it you can remove it, cover the top and drive it with out the abs module there. You can drive indefinitely like that or even with the 60 amp abs fuse out so the motor no longer gets power.The 60amp fuse is in box in engine compartment .

Gm will replace the whole module for 1200 plus.

The module is inside the frame rail, almost directly under the drivers seat.
You can drive safely knowing that regular non abs brakes will be there fully operational but there will be no abs if needed until it is fixed. The module repair will cost you approx $150.

To remove the module,
Raise the vehicle phone, then remove the screws or bolts that hold the entire assembly to the frame. After that, you can lower the assembly as much as the flex of the lines will allow, then remove the four screws and lift the assembly off.
This details will help.Thanks.
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