Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to replace HID headlight bulbs for lexus 400h?

High beam headlamp
9005SU SilverStar Ultra: The brightest and whitest light. Up to 50% brighter, up to 40% more downroad visibility and up to 50% more sideroad visibility.

To replace the headlight bulbs you need to follow this procedure:-------Behind the headlights, there is a round light gray circular cover (approx 4" in diameter). Turn it counter-clockwise about 90 degrees until it stops turning. After it stops pull it outwards (you may use a flat head screwdriver to pry it off at this point). Now you'll be able to remove the bulb igniter.Its a silver bulky thing with a braided wire attached to it. By turning it counter-clockwise and pulling outwards. Now look at the rear end of the bulb, which is still being held onto the projector by two clips. To remove that you need to pull the ends of the clips inwards and pull out.

I too have replaced the factory bulbs with 6000k, philips ultinon bulbs. Best quality and color in my opinion...

For the high beam bulbs... not much you can do. They're run at 1/2 voltage during DRL and NO replacement bulb will emit a white light under these circumstances. You cannot replace them with HID bulbs either. There are aftermarket bulbs that make attempts at emitting whiter light, but none that really make a difference without looking tacky in DRL mode (rainbow effect) or losing serious output in high beam mode. Most mechanics replace high beam bulbs with HIR bulbs. They emit the same color light as the standard ones.

This details will help.

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