Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oil pouring out from left front of engine?

This problem is noticed on Toyota Avalon car model.Actually many Toyota Avalon car drivers have noticed this same problem.Its a recall problem,called by service center.

This is true. The VVT I feed line/hose assembly gets replaced. It was a really bad idea and all they did was replaced the hose with another piece of rubber hose that supposedly lasts longer. If you're planning on keeping this car long term I would replace the line with the solid steel line that goes from the side of the block all of the way to the cylinder head. The recall only replaces the rubber section of the hose. These are known to rupture and blow out. Hopefully you did not do any damage and got it early enough. You will need to replace the serpentine belt also. 
You should be able to get this covered under warranty for the serpentine belt and the VVT I  hose. If you want the steel line you would have to pay for that yourself.

This details will help. Thanks.

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