Sunday, January 1, 2012

Third gear missing and engine losing power?

This problem is noticed on United States GM H2 Hummer.

This types of problem in noticed on many other car models.
The gear will not sift to 3rd and engine loses power,wile sifting to third gear.
In this case first see the transmission fluid,if its low,then refill it.Also see the color of transmission fluid.
Brown fluid means clutches are slipping, and in your case, the 3-4 clutch is gone. The way the solenoids and electrical are set up, it could not be those because you have a 1-2 shift. Also you have reverse so that leaves only the 3-4 clutch assembly and that is common these and the 3-4 clutch is problematic when these get old.
Transmission repair shops may charge up to 1500 dollars.If you go for complete reassembled unit,then it will cost up to $2200.

This details will help.Thanks.
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