Monday, January 2, 2012

Engine will not start?

This problem was noticed on  1996 Chevrolet Astro.This is common problem,many car drivers notice this problem on their cars.
The car will turn over but will not start.
Basically in this types of the problem,there are multiple possibilities.Its not one confirm problem to be indicated.
Check the fuel from the pump to the injectors and the timing chain and the spark from the distributor to the plugs.

A few things I suggest to check in this cases is ........
First, what is the fuel,pressure? These need 60-66 psi to start. Also the fuel pressure should hold for about 5 mins around 55 psi. Try spraying some fuel or starting fluid in the intake and see if it fires, even for a moment.
Second, the cap and rotor. I have seen countless faulty ones that were sparking but the spark was going in the wrong cylinder and that would cause a no start.
Third, the crank sensor. These can and often do fail causing the spark to off timed as much as 50 deg.
Try the fuel first and see what happens.

Going through this mentioned possibilities will help you to confirm the problem.

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