Sunday, January 1, 2012

Traction control message?

This message was noticed on Chevy silverodo 4x4.

Basically in most cases this message indicates towards stable track need service.
And you notice reduced engine power while driving on dry pavement.

In some cases steady check engine light comes ON dash and in some cases no check engine light comes.If the check engine light is ON,then yes you can easily confirm the problem by getting the Check scanned to retrieve codes in Engine control module.

But if no check engine light comes ON,then confirming the fault needs more troubleshooting.
Turn off the car and sit for few minutes then restart the car and see if traction control indicator is remain ON or going off.

In most of such cases this is likely a throttle body issue.Its due to faulty sensor. Possibly but the sensor is in the throttle itself.
The throttle body at the top front of the engine where the black duct from the air filter attaches to.On this the sensor is integral to the throttle body and not replaceble like the old ones.So a new complete throttle body is required to get the sensor replaced.Only replacing sensor on this models is not possible.But if your car is driven .
If you are then it may be covered under the powertrain warranty through GM.

This details will help you .Thanks.

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