Thursday, January 12, 2012

Low beam HID light goes out?

In this case this problem is noticed on 2008 Lexus ES350.

The low beam HID light goes out almost daily. If  turn the lights off and back on it comes on. Eventually it will go out again.And this cycle repeats.

Without proper testing it's is difficult to say for certain. However 90% of the time it ends up being a bad bulbs or the connection going to the bulb. There was a technical service bulletin to address the diagnostic steps and procedures for checking voltage drop at the connectors. There was some issues with loose pin fits and corrosion going to the H ID bulb from the H ID ECU controller. If you have one side only going out and the other side is staying on you can switch the bulbs that will confirm the problem. The technical service bulletin if you want to Google search it is L-SB-0047-08.

This details will help.Thanks.

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