Sunday, January 1, 2012

Problems with the rear defroster?

This problem is noticed on United States  Chevrolet Impala LS model.

This problem is noticed on many other car models.The rear defroster actually power on and works,but the circuit breaker controlling the rear defroster gets hot/shorts in 30 seconds.
On Chevy Impala models this circuit breaker is on the right side by the glove box.

For this to happen, it means there is short in the wire that runs from the circuit break to the rear window. To start with check the wiring at the back on the module.
The hot wire is green back to the antenna module, from the module to the glass is black wire.See if the black wire also gets hot to touch. Try run a new wire from breaker back,and see if that new wire gets hot to touch or not.
Unplug the antenna module and see if still the breaker gets hot or not.
If its not getting hot,then module is faulty, you can run the defrost wire from the input of that to the output and see if the defroster grid works then.
As per schematics,it says the wire first goes to module.If module is already replaced or checked out ok,then in that case the problem can be grid on the glass.In that case the glass needs to be replaced.
To remove the module, the cover possibly pops off.

This details will help.Thanks.

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