Thursday, January 12, 2012

AC Problem?

Honda passport ac Not blowing cold air?

It usually means that your system has developed a leak. Your AC system is charged with freon gas. If a certain amount leaks out, a safety device prevents the AC compressor from starting.

You will need a set of a/c gauges and then hook them up and read the pressures.
You can buy the gauges but the cost might out weigh a shop checking this out for you and coming up with a solution to the concern.

This could be low on freon or the system could have a fault like a fan or expansion valve or condenser problem.Having a shop or a a/c tech look at this is the best way to go.The a/c gauges are about 100.00 and up.You have a sight glass on the reciever dryer when the a/c is on do you see bubbles in the glass.

Either the a/c clutch is not coming on or the system might be empty.Does the a/c turn on when you hit the button ?
Can you see the a/c clutch turning ?

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