Thursday, January 12, 2012

Emergency brake Adjustment for Hyundai Tiburon?

The adjusting screw is in the center console, left of the handbrake. you will need a 10mm wrench.
If you have your car manual,then check Section 2 of your owner's manual.

Emergency brake is not to use it in cold weather as it could freeze.

On Hyundai Tiburon emergency brake can't be adjusted from under the car, must be done from inside.
The console needs to be removed .You will see there is a 12mm nut in the very rear center of the console that adjusts the cable pull of the handbrake.

Also if you notice that the passenger wheel emergency brake is working and the driver side is not working.
Then its a problem of stiff mechanism at the wheel ; some penetrating oil will loosen it up and it will work fine.
Handbrake should operate both rear wheel brakes.
Also other easy option is

Hyundai should have drilled a hole at the end of the console to facilitate reaching the adjusting nut rather than having to remove the console.
There is a little square 3 inch square trap door at the end of the console tray.
Gently pry that door open with a small screwdriver, the e-brake adjusitng nut is directly below it clearly visible This method is quick and easy.

This will help.Thanks.

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