Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to replace TDM module to Pro module wiring ?

This query was asked for 1995 Buick riviera model.

In this case the TDM module has to be removed and in place of that Pro Module getting installed.
The location diagram ans wiring details are as follows :-------------

The module is behind the passengers kick panel area. There is an air bag module there on a bracket and the VATS module is on the back side of the module.
The pink is your power so take it to red,black to black white.The green on the pro module to the dark blue and the black yellow to the purple/ behind the plastic.

See the diagram below :-------


There is a large black box that had 2 seperate connectors with wires coming from them.
That is liekly the derm, the vats is a single green connector.
There is no reason to physically remove the old module, just the wiring.

See below the removal instructions :-----

NOTE : The white wire is to be attached to power as well with the red.

This details and diagrams should help.

See below latest solved car problem :----------

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