Sunday, June 3, 2012

1995Dodge Caravan: Procedure to Replace A/C Condenser Fan?

Replacing details and procedure for Air-conditioner Condenser Fan Assembly.

If you only need to replace fan then its very simple.
you have to pull it up some, tilt it downward, lift up, tilt down, lift up and out.

But for replacing condenser Assembly.

There are 2 ways. Either unbolt and remove the radiator, or remove the front grill and bumper cover. The Removing radiator is easier of the 2 methods to replace condenser.

you can remove the fan, unbolt the radiator, remove transmission lines and hoses from it and lift up enough to come off mountings at bottom and lean against engine and squeeze the condensor out.

you are not going to get it out without at least doing that much. if you elect not to do that, you will be spending a few hours fighting to get it out without success.

Labor time to replace is 2.1 hours, so it isnt a simple unbolt the condensor lines and pull out.

This details will help.

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