Saturday, June 16, 2012

2003 Toyota ECHO: How to Replace Pollen Filter?

If the Pollen Filter is clogged or dirty or worn out.And its very old,then getting it replaced is always advisable.

Its not that difficult to replace Pollen Filter.

The details are as follows:---------

The Glover box door has to be removed to replace the Pollen Filter.

-Open the glove compartment door.

See the diagram shown :------
Glove box door

Now after that,-Push both sides in and pull off the glove compartment door.

For this see the help diagram shown below:--------
Glove box Compartment

-Release the 2 claws and pull out the filter case
-Remove the filter.
-Install the new filter.
-Install the filter case to A/C unit.

And reverse to procedure.

This details will help.

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