Thursday, June 21, 2012

2000 Jeep Cherokee Limited: KeyFob Remote Not Working?

Key less remote not working.
There are few possibilities that can cause the problem.

In the remote there is a battery.First replace the battery and see if problem goes away.IF no,then it can be faulty remote or it can be issue with remote lost its connection with vehicles receiver or there is faulty fuse,which controls this system.

I will explain each problem as you read further:----


It looks like it is fed via FUSE #16 15A that is located in the Power Distribution Center. This Fuse supplies power to other components such as : cargo lamp switch, underhood lamp, courtesy lamps, cluster, radio.

The Power Distribution Center is located under the hood.

See the fuse diagram shown below:----
jeep Cherokee fuse box diagram

The very first thing to do is to check whether your remote works or not. Unfortunately there is no way to check it without using special TPM-RKE analyzer CH9936 that any Chrysler dealer should have. This is very useful analyzer that tells in a second if a remote is good or not. If remote is OK, then for some reason it could be lost from the receiver memory and needs to be programmed with a special DRB III scan tool.

If you have 2 keyfob remotes then it will be good to confirm the problem with remote or its receiver issue.
By remote I mean a key-fob. If both remote transmitters do not work, then it sounds like a Remote Keyless Entry module/receiver failure. Check all fuses to be sure it gets power/
If this fuse is blown, just replace it with the same rating 15A fuse. If it pops up again, then you have a short circuit somewhere and it needs to be diagnosed and fixed.

This all details will help.

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