Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2007 Chevy Aveo: Airbag Light is ON?

Airbag light is always illuminated On Dash.

The Airbag light will not turn OFF.

When the Air Bag light is on, this means there is a porblem in the Restraint system somewhere. Unfortunately, there are literally dozens of parts/sensors in the system- anything from an impact sensor, to a problem in the seat belts that can set the Air Bag light. To take a "guess" as to what the problem may be isn't very efficient, and repalcing parts at random will get very expensive and fustrating very quickly. Best bet at this point is to have the Diagnostic Trouble Codes read from the on-board computer. Some local "big chain" parts stores, like AutoZone, can read these codes, and will do it for FREE (except in California). These trouble codes will point to the faulty part/sensor, and you can then make a more efficient diagnosis, and the proper repair. If you cannot find a parts store to do the Free scan, then you will need to find a shop with the correct scan-tool to read the codes. This service can be anywhere from $40-$100 depending on where you go. However, it is the best way to get to the root fo the problem, and make the correct repair the first time.

This details will help.

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