Sunday, June 3, 2012

2005 Toyota Sienna:Brake pedal Drops To The Floor?

The Problem Started After replacing brake pads.Now the Brake pedal just falls to the floor.

The pedal is very loose and has no pressure.

As per the problem,it clears that  problem is with master cylinder or brake calipers.

But  before we assume either caliper or master cylinder damage, we need to do a couple of basic checks.

This basic inspection test will help to confirm the exact cause of problem.
For this test / inspection procedure.
Pull the wheels, check that the brake hoses are not twisted. If ok, check that the pads are seated flush and engage the rotors flushly when someone pushes the brake pedal. If ok, check the calipers are not bolted up cocked at an angle.

But if all basic possibilities are getting checked ok, then you have to do a brake line clamp test. Use vise grips to lightly clamp in place about halfway up all the flexible brake hoses. Check the brake pedal. It should be firm. If not, then when you pushed the calipers in the master cylinder got damaged by the force of the backpressure or from sediment being pushed up into it. Replace the master cylinder.

If pedal is firm, then remove one clamp at a time and retest pedal. At whichever wheel you remove the clamp and brake pedal drops, that is the one that caliper is bad and needs to be replaced.

This tests and details will help.

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