Sunday, June 3, 2012

Radio Code Issues?

When the battery terminals are disconnected the Engine System and internal module gets reset.So when you reconnect the Battery Again,most of the Engine system and module woks fine.But the Radio gets reset.In this cases the 4 or 5 digit Radio code is required,to make the radio work.If you don't have this code then radio will not work.So before disconnecting battery ,please note that you have radio code.

In this case you have 3 viable options:

You can try this:------
pull the stereo, get the serial number off the back, and call your local GM dealer parts department with serial number to get the unlock code.

Take vehicle by a GM dealer after repair and pay them 1/2 hour labor to use a dealer scan tool to retreive the code for you

Go to your local parts store and pay about $30 for a code saver that plugs into the OBD2 connector underneath the left side of dash before disconnecting the battery. This saves the code and automatically unlocks the stereo for you.

This details will help.

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