Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1998 GMC K1500: OBD Error Code P0430?

Check Engine light came ON and Engine computer Scan shows OBD error code P0430.

In many cases its noticed that user replace O2 sensor to clear this code.But hold its not a faulty O2 sensor error code.

Its catalytic converter related error code.

The P0430 is a fairly straight forward code pointing to a failing Catalytic Converter (in this case, the converter for Bank #2).
Read this theory to understand the working procedure:------
This will help you to understand,why catalytic converter needs to be inspected and replaced.
The Oxygen Sensors measure the amount of emissions in the exhaust going into, and then out of the covnerter. When they see the converter is not "cleaning" the exhaust enough to meet specs, the converter is deemed "below threshold", the P0430 is set, and most commonly, the converter will need to be replaced. Keep in mind, you will need a converter that meets GM specs, and those "universal" or "discount" converters will not cure the problem.
The Aftermarket parts will not meet the accurate requirement of the vehicles system.

See the parts location diagram shown below for Bank 2 Catalytic converter:-----
catalytic converter

This details will help.

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