Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1996 Toyota Camry: Replace Camshaft Position Sensor?

Where is Camshaft Position sensor exactly located and how to replace the Sensor.

The accurate procedure with details and diagrams are as follows:----------

The Camshaft Position Sensor is built into, and part of the Distributor. If you need to replace the Camshaft Sensor, you will need to replace the Distributor as a unit.

See the Diagram show below for  Exact location Distributor Assembly:----


Please Note:-------
The Cam Sensor is not a stand-alone servicable item. The entire Distributor needs to be replaced (it's actually a quite common fail item on this year engine).
On some cases its seen that distributor simply "stuck" in there due to time, build-up, etc.
If you carefully see there is a rubber o-ring that "seals" it in place. It just takes a little force to remove it. You can use a small pry tool between the mounting bolt location, and the engine block .

See the information diagram shown below to view the Assembly :-----

cam sensor

This details and diagram will help.

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