Saturday, June 16, 2012

2008 Dodge Avenger: OBD Code P0073?

OBD Scan Test Showed Error Code P0073.

If you dont have Scan tool then also you can retrieve the codes manually.
There is a simple procedure.

Here it is:------

Get in the vehicle, and close all the doors.Now  Cycle the ignition to  ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON within 5 seconds. Where the odometer is, should now be displayed p-codes. The Code starts with P and then 4 number will be shown one by one.
That is the error code.

Now As for OBD Error Code P0073, this p-code is fairly straight forward, and is pointing to a fault with the Ambient Temp Sensor (this is used for the heating/air conditioning systems).This Sensor is Located in front of right front tire.
This sensor has to be replaced.

If the sensor is replaced and still the Error code is not getting cleared, then  the next step is to carefully inspect the electrical connector and as far up the harness as you possibly can.
More than likely, there will be a broken or rubbed through wire somewhere.Which is noticed in many such cases. Make sure the wires are tight and not damaged at the electrical connector as well.
If  you see no issue with the wiring ,then other possibility is  that when the sensor was damaged, there was damage done to the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) as this is the unit that controls this Ambient Temp Sensor.

Unfortunately, to test the TIPM will require the use of a scan tool and voltage meter.

See the diagram shown below for part location:---------

Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

For Exact location of the TIPM module See the diagram shown below:-------

Power Module

This details and diagrams will help.

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  1. Can't locate my ambient air temp sensor on a 2002 Chrysler Concorde 3.5 motor.Could it be buried under a headlight which aren't easy to remove?